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Korean Air Dragon


Discover the hidden spirit inside aircraft: the dragon spirit. Point your phone to the sky toward in-flight aircraft and catch the dragons by aligning your transition portal.


When the dragon joins your hoard it’s almost ready for battle, but it’s up to you to get them ready. You must care for your dragon by feeding it, training it, arming it, and keeping it alive. Before you know it, your dragon is battle ready.

Duel & Trade

Dragon owners will need plenty of stuff. From armour for protection, to carrots for eyesight, your dragon is a needy creature indeed. And just as there is a lot of stuff, there’s many ways to get it.  You can search for it, trade for it, and of course BATTLE for it.




Featuring Unique Music and Score by:
Noe Gonzalez, International music composer
and producer for the 2014 Oscar-aired MOFILM winning Chevy Cruz
feature commercial from Berlin, Germany.
Featuring VarDragons original content by up-and-coming Norwegian singer
Juni Aursø.


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