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Green Dragons, Green Dragons Everywhere: $501 in in game currency!

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Piggy on a Stick: Custom design your own Piggy Dragon Statue. You name the color scheme, we make it happen.

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Represent!: Signed poster by our artist Sam! (okay, and the rest of us too 🙂 )


5,000 subscribers was determined to NOT be enough.  We need….one more than that. VarDragons is launching the 5K+1 campaign to promote our unwavering drive to obtain 5,000 and One email subscribers, which is a key prerequisite to launching our Kickstarter campaign. We work extremely hard to achieve our goals but we need your help to get passed 5,000 + 1.0 as quickly as possible.

As part of the campaign we are running a contest with exclusive prizes for the winners and this is where we want your help. We need the VarDragon community to help spread the word about the campaign and contest and recruit subscribers. Share our posts, share this page, tell everyone you know! The more people that list you as a referral the better your odds are of winning the prizes.

This is how the contest works (How do I get this stuff?!):

When a new person subscribes at they are asked to provide the name of the person that told them to sign up. Once we get to 5,000 and an additional +1 subscribers we will launch the Kickstarter campaign. When someone you recruited backs the VarDragons Kickstarter campaign your name goes into the contest pool. The person that recruits the most backers is the winner followed by second and third place. However, we do want to recognize everyone that helped us out so early in our development. The first 5,000 subscribers (plus one more as well) will be known as the VarDragon Vanguard members and will receive special recognition in the mobile game.

Please, please (please) like and share our 5K+1 posts on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). You’re members of the VarDragons Vanguard- be proud. Lets do this!

Share This to Help us Help you Help us get to 5,001 and make YOUR game :-)

How to get the booty: 1: Share this on Facebook or Twitter 2: Remind them by subscribing they too get the beta and early access! 3: (Also) remind them by putting your name in as a recruiter it gets you one step close to cool VarDragons stuff (and a bunch of in game $ too) 4: You're done and on your way. Once we get close to 5,001 subscribers we will send a notice out via newsletter alerting you of the KickStarter launch!