Development Partnership:
VarDragons / AlulA
Based in Miami, Fl USA

Founding date:
June 01, 2016


Press / Business Contact:



VarDragons / AlulA
78 SW 7th St
Miami, FL 33130

+1 321 652 0562

Hardware: (The Magic Talon)


Our Difference(s): VarDragons is creating a mobile mixed reality gaming experience. We are creating a virtual and augmented (truly mixed) reality environment by “capturing” real world flights that reveal themselves dragons though your mobile device. Our vision is to take the ‘gimmick’ out of mobile AR/VR and provide a rich, in depth gameplay and community experience a la Pokémon GO. Here’s how we’re doing it:

New AR Engine Software Component: VarDragon’s unique, Unity-developed AR engine is powered by our exclusive access to live In-flight aircraft tracking data from multiple commercial and official sources. This exclusive API feeds VarDragon’s engine, which reveals real aircraft as dragons through the lens of a mobile device. Each dragon’s unique features are distinguished by plane model, airline, and other flight features truly embodying the real world objects, in this case aircraft. Players point to these real-time aircraft and with a click of their mobile device, our AR engine enables the capturing and building of players’ dragon horde where they can then befriend, train, and ultimately duel (or trade) their dragons with others across the world.

Optional Hardware Elements (Oculus Gear VR / VarDragons Magic Talon): Some Aspect of the game currently in development will become available first to the Oculus Gear VR, namely the dragon interaction elements of gameplay. Players will have the option of entering the ‘armory’, ‘playground’, or other environments where they can personally interact with their new pet or protector dragon. Additionally, through the Magic Talon device (an actual aircraft tracking antennae, but cool and ‘medieval-y’ looking), players will be able to catch dragons remotely using other gamers antennas, which they’ve leased time. This allows them to catch unique and rare dragons in other parts of the globe they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. The Magic Talon can also be used as a means to trade or even sell items within the in-game store. The hardware prototype is complete.


VarDragons is a company that evolved from AlulA, with the same leadership team. The leadership of AlulA recognized that a unique game story, use of VR/AR technology and the support of games’ enthusiasts of all kinds would not only make for a fantastic game, but also help them improve the network required to make AlulA’s better black box technology possible making our skies safer and more affordible.

AlulA was formed in June 2015 in reaction to a tragic event: the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. The Miami-based company’s mission is to provide a cost effective, universal solution for real time aircraft data streaming to avoid other catastrophes, and never let a plane go “missing” again. AlulA offers a unique system to affordably broadcast aircraft black box data in real-time.

Cinematic Trailer Release: March, 2017

Please inquire to join press exclusivity list for trailer and other future releases.

Logo Suite
Team and Collaborators:

Thomas R Byrd
Founder, Art Direction/Narrative Designer

Joe Rjeili
Founder, Programming

Jason S. Keasler
Founder, Narrative Design

Samantha Poslinski
Creative Artist

Noe Gonzalez
Lead Sound Engineer / Music Composer

James Morgan
Physical Model Designer / Lead Mentor